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Grassroots fundraising- having a local impact

The Political Contribution Refund program is available to individuals who are eligible to vote in Minnesota. Your political contributions made between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024 may qualify for a refund, and you may file one refund application per year.

Your contributions to the Carver County BPOU qualifies you for this refund.

Contributions must be personal (not corporate or business) and are not a tax write-off.  Even smaller amounts are welcomed.

The maximum donation refund for 2024 is $75 for an individual or

$150 for a married couple who files a joint tax return.

GIVE $75 and GET BACK $75


  1. Donate a contribution to the Carver County Republicans.
  2. We will send you a receipt for the contribution to use with the application form and instructions on how to request your refund. This form is also available from the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board
  3. You may submit your 2024 refund application as soon as you receive it but no later than April 15th, 2025.

Donate a contribution to the Carver County Republicans

This refund program is not related to the State income tax form and is to be filed separately from your tax form. 

Ways you contribute to success

The Minnesota Political Contribution Refund Program is an exciting way for everyday Minnesotans to fight BIG MONEY and support local grassroots.

The public finance system, run by the State of Minnesota, allows individuals to donate $75 per person or $150 per couple to a political party of their choice and receive a refund from the Minnesota Department of Revenue.  More information can be found here.

Your Contribution to the Carver County Republicans 

  • Supports citizen engagement
    • Caucus expenses and location usage fees
    • Educational materials
    • Maintaining our website and database
    • Newsletter distribution
    • Citizens Academy programing and location rental
  • Maintains our local political organizational unit
    • Electronic infrastructure for organizational document storage
    • Storage space 
    • Convention expenses
  • Supports candidate and voter interactions through
    • Parade entry fees
    • Fair Costs
    • Outreach materials
  • Supports our endorsed and recommended candidates

Don't miss your opportunity to donate your support and have that refunded!  

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